"Michael Charles McDonald is not only a skilled engineer, but he is passionate about music and is a musician at heart.  He is incredibly easy and fun to work with and will go the extra mile to make sure you have a product that sounds beautiful and professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered.  Every single one of my products that I've done with Michael meets all the industry standards, and even exceeds them at times! His equipment is top of the line, and he always has an ear to the pulse of what is happening in the world of recording.  If you are serious about making a great album or demo, Syntharts is the best place to go.  No question about it."
- Anna Gilbert, singer/songwriter, performing artist
"Working with Michael on my solo piano projects has been a dream.  I have been so amazed by his editing skills.  Even when I have an editing task that just seems impossible to me, he finds a way to make it happen and make it seamless.  What I have come to realize during my time working with Michael is that mastering, editing and engineering isn't just a skill...  it's an art form.  And Michael is a master artist.  What a pleasure it is to bring Michael my recordings and watch him turn them into a work of acoustic beauty.  The difference is stunning...  it's like my songs are his canvas and he paints over them...  and the result, to my delight, is a three-dimensional, aural symphony."
- David Nevue, solo piano, performing artist
"Michael is a breeze to work with -- he quickly assimilates what your style is, and your strengths.  With this, his gifts allow him the insight to anticipate your needs.  He becomes an invaluable partner; I trust him completely!"
- Robert Ashens, symphony/opera conductor and concert pianist
"I always HATED recording...until I met Michael McDonald.  His cool, relaxed and confident style put me at ease and enabled me to do my best recordings ever.  He worked tirelessly and patiently with me until I was completely satisfied with mine and his final product.  I don't live in Eugene, OR anymore, but will go to Michael for my next big recording project.  I wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Carol Ann Manzi, operatic soprano, performing artist
"I have produced three full CD releases with Syntharts for local artists, as well as two solo piano project of my own, and I have been thrilled with both the process and the results.  Working with Michael is an amazing and flexible music-making experience.  From tracking to editing to mixing to mastering, he has a way of caring for detail that doesn't take away from the big picture of a project, nor from the steady pace needed to keep inspiration flowing.  Michael has an incredible musical sense for how an arrangement should come together, and his input and ideas helped save and enhance many of the recordings we have worked on together.  There is nothing like working in a relaxed atmosphere where artistry and fun come together seamlessly! Put that together with Syntharts' reasonable rates and excellent facility, and you have one of the best recording studios in town."
- Neil Patton, pianist, composer, producer
"I worked with Syntharts and Michael over several years during my involvement with Mickey Newbury and other musicians.    Michael did all of the mastering for Mickey’s releases, including from newly recorded materials and older materials.   Some of the older materials were in less than optimum condition, and included some selections from analog albums (LPs) and deteriorated reel to reel tapes.    In every instance, the result was sparkling, alive and sonically complete.    Michael was masterful in capturing the musical performances.    Syntharts’ services were always timely and very economical, which was very important for our small distribution company.    We wouldn’t and didn’t go anyplace else! I recommend Syntharts highly and without any reservation."
- Robert Rosemurgy, producer for Mickey Newbury
"I have known and worked with Michael McDonald since the earth was cooling (i.e., even before MIDI), and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  We have recorded dozens of musical projects together and with others, and it has always been a good time.  His studio is top-notch, and his ears are very accurate.  Michael is technically very well qualified, creatively tuned-in, and he is a diplomatic, gentle spirit.  If your recording needs are at an elevated professional level, you will appreciate Michael's years of experience and musical and engineering chops.  If you are a recording novice, you will enjoy the benefits of his guiding you through the process and making a good time of it for you.  Since everyone loves Michael and working with him, with just a call or two he is able to facilitate the bringing in of just-right additional talent as your project may require.  Michael is a trusted and valued friend, and he has earned my personal and professional respect many times over.  If you record elsewhere, you are missing out on a truly enjoyable and productive experience with Michael.  I must warn you, however, that he never, ever charges enough.  Feel free to contact me if you want me to elaborate further.  Go Easy."
- Martin Hall – producer, songwriter
Eugene, Oregon
EMail: mshft@aol.com
"I have recorded and produced at least seven musical projects at Syntharts Studio over the past six years, and I have the highest praise and regard for Michael Charles McDonald and Syntharts.  The studio itself is visually attractive, acoustically balanced, and well equipped with high end recording hardware and miscellaneous gear, all in excellent condition.  The isolation room is large and flexible enough to accommodate a variety of instrumental ensembles.  Michael is perhaps the most skilled engineer I've ever worked with.  His recording software is replete with sample libraries and effects plug-ins, and time and again his comprehensive knowledge of his in-house software has turned a good mix into a great mix.  Best of all, Michael's ears are a true gift.  His sensitivity to detail and his commitment to client satisfaction make Syntharts my first choice studio in Eugene."
- Rebecca Oswald, composer, performing artist
"Having spent 25 years performing in the Los Angeles music scene, I have worked at many of the major recording studios.  Imagine my delight to find Michael McDonald & Syntharts here in Eugene! Michael has developed a fantastic recording environment, comparable to Private Island Trax on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.  The setting is professional, yet relaxed, and Michael's knowledge and experience have made recording at Syntharts a distinct pleasure."
- Jon Brand, Universal Studios & Disney Corporate Musician Original Jazz Minor
"I have worked on many projects with Michael at Syntharts on all aspects of music production.  I have never had a more enjoyable experience in another studio.  Michael combines top-notch professionalism and experience with a comfortable and creative atmosphere.  His drive to capture 'good sounds' impresses me every time, and ensures that we have great material to work with.  He is not just a technician, but an artist who takes great pride in the collaborative process of making music.  Every time I go to Syntharts, it is a privilege."
- Joel Skinner, composer, arranger
"Michael's studio is an ideal environment for creative recording projects.  His attention to detail is reflected both in the cleanliness of his rooms and in the quality of his mixes.  Michael is a naturally skilled communicator and his positive demeanor and approach always helps me to find confidence and creativity during the recording process."
- Caleb Paul, singer/songwriter, performing artist
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